What Are the Benefits of Mindfulness?

What does meditation do?

The practice of mindfulness meditation holds many benefits, and new studies are being conducted all the time. When you begin meditating, you make a lifestyle choice to train your mind to calm and stay present.

how to meditate

The benefits below are then really by-products of a general practice. Continue to focus on your breathing and before long…

You will see strides in your emotional health because meditation…

  • reduces stressreduce anxiety with meditation
  • decreases anxiety
  • fosters tolerance and acceptance

More studies lately involving mindfulness have focused on the reduction of personal anxiety in our increasingly stressful world.  It can complement medication and psychological counseling, or in mild cases even replace it.

You will increase your mental acuity because meditation…

  • increases brain function
  • improves memory
  • improves attention span

“The purpose of meditation is personal transformation….Your mind becomes still and calm. And your life smooths out. It reduces your tension, your fear, and your worry….Meditation sharpens your concentration and your thinking power….Your intuition sharpens.”       -Henepola Gunarantana, Mindfulness in Plain English

You will show physical improvements because meditation…

  • boosts immunity and decreases blood pressure
  • helps sleep patterns
  • slows ageing

I like to compare a mindfulness practice to adopting physical fitness for the goal of weight loss or building muscle. These goals you seek are simply by-products on your way to an overall healthier body. The same comes with toning your mind by sitting in meditation.

You will see social benefits because meditation…

  • helps communication skills
  • enhances self-awareness
  • nurtures creativity

The mindfulness aspect of meditation will start to subtly manifest in your daily life. You will become more aware of what you are eating and what you are saying to others in conversation. The effects are so gradual that you may not attribute them to this simple practice.

The key is to not search for cause and effect. The benefits will come. Just keep meditating!