pillow for mindfulness

Review for Meditation Cushion

Do I Need a Cushion For Meditating?

No. Absolutely not. In fact, you can begin to sit now and focus on your breath with these basic instructions. What a cushion will do, however, is encourage your practice by helping set your intention. Look! It’s a cushion and I am a meditator!

zafu cushion for meditation

Cushion (zafu) for meditation

The traditional round pillow (zafu) is usually filled with either buckwheat hulls or kapok, a plant fiber. The buckwheat of this cushion is more comfortable, as it shifts with your body (like a bean bag chair), while the kapok is too firm and tends to settle over time (like a mattress).

How Does It Work?

You sit your behind (buttocks) directly on the zafu to give your trunk some height with your legs spread on the floor, in whatever manner you’re comfortable. Cross-legged is the most common style. If the floor underneath is hard, you may add…

Zabuton support cushion for meditating

Mat (zabuton) goes under zafu

…a Zabuton for your legs. It’s not vital, and honestly, something else to carry when you move your practice. I use one at home because my floors are wood. I also have a small, square support cushion for extra height (since my legs are big).

Choose Mindfulness For Life

These look pretty dull in black, but you can pick from many colors. Make it fun! Also, it may help motivate you if you devote a small area to meditation trappings: your cushions, a pillow for mindfulnesscandle, maybe a chime. You don’t have to advertise your new hobby to guests, but a few reminders to practice will inspire this lifestyle change.


“I was reluctant to spend money on a pillow, but now that I have used it, I wished I would have purchased this years ago. A proper meditation pillow makes ALL the difference and this pillow is wonderful! My feet no longer fall asleep and I remain comfortable during my meditation. Definitely worth buying.”  – Brittany

“Exactly what I wanted in a meditation pillow. It’s very firm, but the buckwheat shell filling provides plenty of comfort for long meditation sessions. With this pillow, I’m able to meditate for an hour without major discomfort. I recommend it to anyone who is unable to sit cross-legged on the ground or anyone that just wants a more comfortable seat while meditating.”  – Amber

“If your knees are above your hips when you sit in meditation with crossed legs, you need a pillow to elevate your hips! The height of this pillow and the firm filling really help with spinal alignment and overall comfort during meditation. I ordered it in the black and it still looks brand new after a few months of use. I love the height on this (taller than some others), but you can always take some of the buckwheat out if it is too tall.”  – Danielle

F.A.Q.s    for Zafu Meditation Cushion

How much does the cushion weigh?  About five pounds.

Is it washable?  The cover unzips on the side so you can remove the buckwheat hulls and wash it. (Only recommended in extreme cases, like spills.)

I’m a big person. Is this cushion too small for me?  The cushion measures approx. 6″ tall and 15″ diameter. A tall person may want an extra support cushion underneath. These are available with fiber filling, or you could use a small throw pillow.